It’s About Having a Voice

There are 100 million retail investors in America– hardworking men and women who invest primarily through their 401(k)s and other defined contribution plans, as well as individual retirement accounts. Collectively, these investors hold more than $16.9 trillion in assets, and own stakes in companies from tech firms to automobile manufacturers.

But despite this size, these millions of investors are being pushed to the side in favor of the views of large institutional holders like public pension funds, who are increasingly targeting public companies with activist shareholder-led campaigns for political reasons over financial growth. It’s time to give the Main Street investors more control over how their own money is being managed. After all, it’s their retirement security that is on the line here, and their voices which deserve to be heard.

The Main Street Investors Coalition brings together groups and individuals who have an interest in amplifying the voice of America’s retail investor community. These men and women deserve for their voices and interests to be heard and their retirements safeguarded. Learn more throughout the website.