Daily Caller: “The Disenfranchisement of America’s Retail Investors is a Real and Alarming Trend”

August 14, 2018

In a recent issue of the Daily Caller, Main Street Investors Coalition advisory council member Nan Bauroth explains the goals of the coalition, why she’s a member of the advisory council, how institutional investors are distorting the shareholder resolution process, and how the Main Street Investors Coalition advocates for ways that everyday investors can exercise their shareholder rights.

Nan, an independent journalist and retail investor, writes:

I joined the Main Street Investors Coalition because I believe proxy advisory firms, large institutional investors and public pension funds are operating in ways that harm the financial well-being of millions of American retail investors like myself, and I am trying to serve as a voice for others who feel the same.

When I elect to put my money into an index fund, I presume the fund’s managers are committed to maximizing my return, not promote a social cause — as do 78 percent of retail investors surveyed. Unfortunately, some fund managers now have decided that they have the right to pursue a particular agenda with our money without asking or even informing us.

Read the full op-ed from Nan here.

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