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In 1950, retail investors directly owned more than 90 percent of the stocks issued by U.S. companies. Today, that number is closer to 30 percent, with securities markets these days increasingly being dominated by big, institutional and often passive holders.

Of course, on balance, the rise of passive investing, which is designed to track the performance of an index as opposed to trying to beat it, has been great for the retail investing community, generating steady, low-fee returns for millions of Americans.

But as the size and influence of these massive institutional holders has grown, so too has their power, influence and share of voice – drowning out the voices and interests of Main Street investors who, despite controlling the single largest pool of equity capital in the world, have almost no ability today to influence the decisions these funds make on their behalf, with their money.

The Main Street Investors Coalition was created to help change that. By doing so, it will help mitigate the agency costs created by U.S. stock markets that have come to be dominated by institutional investors. Stand with us as we seek to bring much-needed reform to a badly broken, costly and inherently unfair system.

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Main Street investors hold more than $16.9 trillion in stocks. That means we control the single largest pool of equity capital in the world. It’s time for our voices to be heard, and our agenda to be adopted.

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  • Demanding that fund managers focus on maximizing performance – not playing politics with other people’s money

  • Providing retail investors with more visibility into how the funds they own vote on their behalf

  • Forcing third-party, “black-box” proxy-advisory firms to be more transparent about potential conflicts of interest

  • Insisting that public pension funds meet the same basic regulatory and reporting standards as private pension funds

Main Street Investors’ Manifesto

The Latest

May 10, 2019 | Main Street Coalition

Institute for Pension Fund Integrity Event Underscores Importance of SEC Action on Proxy Advisors

Yesterday, the Institute for Pension Fund Integrity held a panel on proxy advisory firms, ESG investing and public pensions.  Opening the discussion was Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) articulating his position on proxy advisory firms and the “racket” they bring to the process for every-day retail investors.

May 1, 2019 | Main Street Coalition

CalPERS Continues to Ignore its Fiduciary Duty to Pensioners

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) is set to put a “laser-like focus” this proxy season on social issues like board diversity and executive pay. This is despite increasing concerns about CalPERS’ poor financial performance and pressure from the federal government to make sure public pension funds are making investments to increase returns. According ...

April 19, 2019 | Main Street Coalition

SEC Investor Advocate Ignores Key Criticisms of Proxy Advisors, Concerns of Retail Investors

Fleming delivered his remarks just a few days before a new study was published by the Spectrum Group which concluded, “retail shareholders are too often being used as a poster child by institutional intermediaries to support practices in shareholder voting that retail investors do not support.” The survey also found that 85 percent of investors support increased SEC oversight after being made aware of issues with proxy advisors.

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